Theodoros Denekes is a tattoo artist born in 1973 in Serres, Greece. In 1995, he graduated from the graphic design school in Thessaloniki. Theodoros early expressed his love about painting and especially about comics, as his father was a painter, so Theodoros grew up by learning how to draw and paint.

 Graduating from the graphic design school, he had worked in a printing factory for more than 10 years, specializing in the area of graphics.

Theodoros interest about tattooing, came up from a family friend who saw in Thodoros his art skills and encouraged him to occupy professionally with the art of tattooing.

 Being completely self taught, Thodoros bought his first tattoo guns in 2000 and started doing tattoos as an amateur.

His effort and his hard work, brought him in 2011, when he finally decided to open  his own tattoo shop in Drama, Greece which he maintains until today (Teotattoo studio).


 Theodoros prefers doing all styles of tattoos, from old school to realistic, but he is fond of the cartoonish style. In his spare time, he likes drawing, but most of all he enjoys making new comic strips!